Printable art and cards - Print at home

Get ready to pun-believable laughter and share a smile from ear to ear with our DIY Greet-Puns Collection! These cards are here to bring on the giggles, one pun at a time. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, sending 'leaf'-ing good wishes, or just 'whale-y' missing someone, our pun-tastic cards have got you covered.

These aren't your ordinary cards – they're 'a-maize-ing' creations that you can print at home with ease. No need to 'paws' for thought; simply hit print and get ready to spread some punshine. From 'otter-ly' adorable animals to 'dough-lightful' foodie fun, our collection is 'soda-lighted' to bring you a chuckle or two.

So why wait? It's time to 'ink-scribe' some laughter into your loved ones' lives. Grab your printer, unleash your inner pun-derful artist, and let's get this pun-derful party started! After all, who can resist a card that's 'sew' funny? Let the pun and games begin!

PRINT AT HOME special deal

PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for a PDF / ZIP file only – no physical print will be mailed.

Style your home or office instantly with our artwork – simply print and gift or frame!
Your custom PDF / ZIP file will be sent to you within 48 hours (usually within 24 hours or less)

All files are high resolution (300 dpi)


extract zip file

– At your favourite photo print centre
– At home – using a high quality photo printer and photo paper (we recommend a satin or matte finish)


  1. Print this at a5
  2. Print Landscape
  3. Print actual size (not fit to page)
  4. Fold in the middle :) 


PERSONAL (non-commercial) use only
Do NOT share the files
Do NOT sell, publish, distribute in any format
Do NOT claim the design as your own

This is a download only. No physical product will be shipped and the frame is not included.

It is recommended to download the files to a desktop or laptop computer as it may be difficult to download the files on a smartphone or tablet.


Recommended printers -

Melbourne - Chase printing (mention to use Well Drawn cards)