Who we are:

Founded in 2015, Melbourne designer Kristian Terry set out to make people smile with a quality locally made product. From the thick and textured watercolour paper to the beautifully hand-made string tie envelopes, plenty of love, care and smiles have been placed into each creation. Every design is illustrated by hand using pencil, pen and markers then printed right here in Melbourne. Brighten someone’s day with these cute puns and dad jokes.

What we do:

We create handcrafted illustrations and cards with locally sourced materials and products. All cards, prints and drawings are produced in Melbourne by Kristian on the finest 300gsm watercolour stock. This is coupled with a brown kraft string-tie envelope to create a special greeting card.

Why stock us:

We would love to spread the infectious humour, puns and the laughter with everyone. Our love and dedication to our craft shines through each and every card. We set out to create a timeless gifting experience that will feel special to anyone receiving it. With your help we can enrich as many people’s lives as possible.

All cards are $3.50 or 50% percent off. simply use wdwholesale22 discount code on checkout.

**not to be used if purchasing bundles**


send an email to kristian@welldrawn.com.au to get more information 


We are always on the lookout for stockists, retailers, influencers and sales reps to partner with so we can continue to grow Well Drawn and spread the love. Contact me at kristian@welldrawn.com.au, 

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