Ever since the age of 5, Kristian would design cards for his friends and family. Starting with stencils of Christmas trees on paper that he hand delivered to every house in the neighbourhood, to drawing his friends and family throughout highschool and university.

Inspired by the likes of Quentin Blake, Dr. Seuss, Graeme Base and Gary Larson. The fascinating world of wordplay, puns and illustrations are something that Kristian always aspired to produce. Now with more technical nous, he can share his creations with everyone.

His 10 years experience in engineering, architectural design and app development helped craft an outlet from computer aided illustration to hand drawn illustrations. It's a soothing release from the structural full-time work in the tech industry.  

The business started by chance and encouragement with friends and family convincing him that others might want a hand-drawn gift. It then went from a fun outlet and hobby to the creation it is today. Sourcing quality local materials to construct a card filled with love and care. Put a smile on your face with these illustrations.

If you have any card ideas or custom creations we would love to hear it.

Contact him at kristian@welldrawn.com.au

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