For Eva Range

Eva May Bonnet
Beauty comes in many forms, some people possess it in all it's aspects. It is rare to meet someone in life that embodies all that you love. I am fortunate to have met this person and share my life with her.
My dearest partner, Eva, was diagnosed with cancer (osteosarcoma) earlier this year, and her life since then has been harrowing.
It is difficult to fathom the depths of despair, fear, and pain that comes with this diagnosis. Despite this Eva has been incredibly brave and strong while facing each challenge.

Eva will undergo many rounds of chemotherapy, surgery and then rehabilitation for the most part of this year. We are all praying for success and a speedy complete recovery.

Eva has inspired this range of cards as they represent her culture (French) and our memories, moments, and loves all wrapped up in a paper gift.
The proceeds of all sales of this range and all other Well Drawn cards will go towards the costs of her chemotherapy, surgery, treatment, and recovery as there is a large shortfall between her health insurance cover and the true costs.
We will also be donating one dollar from every sale to The Peter MacCallum Centre.

Please support Eva by grabbing one of these illustrations or donate directly to Peter MacCallum using this link here

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