Hand-drawn Illustration on Wood

$ 110.00 AUD

Hand-drawn Illustration on Wood

---- Want a special illustration that's unique and completely hand drawn? ----

The perfect present for the couple, person or pet who has everything.

Sometimes you can't find exactly what you're looking for, so let us help you.

Hand Drawn custom and personalised illusrations are the perfect gift for that special someone or occasion. Simply tell us what you require and we can deliver a hand-drawn original piece of artwork on wood.

These are not prints and each one is made with love and care.

They are black and white and coloured with fine-liners,

Simply send a few photos of what you'd like drawn with interests or things that are special to you. I'll then incorporate as many as I can onto this large wooden canvas.

These are made to order and there is a 1-2 week wait time for this hand-drawn product. 


----- Process -----

Step 1 -

You can fill out the form to make things easier:


We will email you or you can email me at kristian@welldrawn.com.au with a simple brief of your requirements. Tell us about the person, pet, thing or business this card/drawing is intended for eg. hobbies, interests, occasion, quirks or anything that will make this card unique to its recipient.. Send us any photos that will assist in the creation.

Step 2 -
We will suggest a drawing concept and pun/tagline (if needed) that will suit the illustration and suggest a time frame (usually one week)

Step 3 -
The illustration will be drawn on the wooden canvas

Step 4 - Final artwork
- Your unique and hand crafted gift will be ready for pick-up or delivery for the recipient to cherish forever.

--- If you require a digital copy as well please let me know ---

Free delivery Australia-wide


20cm x 25cm