Wooden Card Stand - Light - 18 Cards

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These hand-made wooden light cards are perfect for starters and quick setups as they hold 18 cards. The wooden stand is made of pine, this material is carefully chosen by people, has durable features, not easy to break or change color, after being carefully polished by people, this material has a smooth surface, no wood chips can bring quite a safe user experience for people. Each wood sign holder has a fine texture, which makes the wooden place card holder have an aura of wood classicism, and can raise a rustic and forest-like atmosphere that will surely impress your guests. Suit for different occasions: our table number sign holders are simple and elegant, you can see them in many different places, for example, cafes, restaurants, retail shops, weddings, parties, banquets, buffets, bridal showers or some other celebrating events. 

  • Hand-made by us here at Well Drawn. It's created with solid pine and has 3 slots each with a capacity of 6 cards slightly overlapping.
  • Length - 40cm
  • Height - 61cm
  • Depth - 20-50cm depending on the opening
  • Weight - 2.5kg

Please allow up to 7 days for postage in Australia 

or 14 days for International orders

Email me at kristian@welldrawn.com.au for any inquiries